What version do you use?

@fedilab I voted for Fedilab@fdroid, but I never tested the lite version. I'll install it now and have a look.

GPlay version, as this is the only way to do the Beta Testing. And it supports you.

I'm not seeing a real difference between Fedilab and Fedilab lite.

Feditlab (Fdroid) because i cant update to android 5 on this phone ...

I first used Google play app, but now I try to stick to Google-free wherever possible

@fedilab I didn't know there was a lite version. I looked at the description, and did no expect it to still have a built-in browser. I would prefer an app that does only its part (writing and exploring toots) and have URLs open the default browser (which I can configure myself to use nitter and etc.) I don't see the point of "protecting privacy" inside fedilab and not in the regular browser.

Anyway, these are details, fedilab is a great app overall!

The built-in browser blocks every ads and tracking by stopping background calls to domains that are blacklisted.

@fedilab Yes, OK, and that's great :-) But if it makes it more clear : I dont't want privacy *only* when clicking URLs from mastodon, I want it all the time. Which is why I installed firefox with a few privacy extensions. So I think the built-in fedilab browser is not really helpful (though not harmful either). This isn't really a problem, just that I can't see a use case for people wanting privacy in fedilab but not outside.

@fedilab just tried out downloading #Fedilab from #fdroid and it appears that the package is missing from their repos ... too bad 😤

Are you sure you updated the repo? (using pull-down-to-refresh)

Also I've had a similar issue when trying to update apps quickly after a new repo update. If that's the case, it will work later. Maybe even few minutes later


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