I was trying to publish the app on Google Play. I will give up because they refused it twice.
First time, I didn't add the report feature (that's now OK). Second time, they found a video thanks to the public search feature...
But it should be available soon on

@fedilab >Google being asshole again

Why, why am I not surprised.

@fedilab Hey, just send them back this link, maybe they will block the YouTube app too?


Or all browsers for that matter. I probably shouldn't jinx it, though. I'd be surprised, if they don't try that at some point.

@friend @tagomago @fedilab Kinda like netflix. Won't play shit without wildvine drm, used to refuse to play on anything other than chrome and the app, and introduces so many fucking artifacts on any web browser that isn't Edge.

All these "anti-piracy" features make a hell of a good case for piracy.
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