Peertube 馃嚚馃嚨 

La version peertube pour les instances acad茅miques est disponible sur Google
Ne vous fiez pas 脿 la mention "in app purchases" qui est apparemment obligatoire sur la pr茅-version publi茅e.
Vous pouvez l'utiliser sans avoir de compte, cela vous donnera une id茅e du fonctionnement.

Code source :

La version est actuellement en attente de publication.

Clicked the link and went to Google Play Store to check it out, and...

It's not available in my country??

Well, it's not like I need it.

Pourquoi? 馃え

You know, a foreigner who doesn't speak your language might actually leave your app a five star rating.

#digitalproducts #apps #music #ebooks #NotAvailableInYourCountry #discrimination

@evelynyap Currently this version is in french & limited to some targeted instances.

I will extend this app for all instances, for all languages and for all countries ;)

But the world has gotten smaller. 鈽濓笍French-speaking people aren't just in French territories using French-based accounts. Westerners are moving and living in Asia. Why would they set up accounts as though they're in their home country when things in Asia are cheaper?

It's like when i was doing a lot of traveling and the Starbucks Philippines app wasn't available to me. Duh. 馃檮 Don't they know that people move? They're only limiting themselves.

@fedilab Fine. I'll wait for the international version.馃槤

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