We are really close to a new release, please, let me know there if there is something important for you to fix before


I will improve the quick reply feature.
I added a message to my favorites when replying and my message was gone...
It might need some deeper work, but would you like to see the conversation when using the quick reply feature?

Another thing you might want to look into at the same time is that sometimes the quick reply box is empty when opened (so no prefilled at-mention), and the counter won't increase when typing; if you try to send the typed message, it will fail and the message will be lost.

It's not something I can consistently trigger though, but I suspect it's connected to opening quick-reply while more messages of the stream are still being loaded.

but yes, seeing context for conversations, especially while replying, definitely is useful.

Hahaha, I just realised I have no idea what you're all talking about 'Quick reply'?
Is there more than one way to reply then?
obviously I'm not your target demographic 😀

I also found that just scrolling away within the conversation will make your message disappear. So, e.g. if you select your initial post in this thread (so that enough posts get displayed), then scroll down to the last post in the list, hit Quick Reply and type something, then scroll up again and back down, now your message is gone. Interestingly, it doesn't happen the other way around (replying to a message at the top), when that message is part of the same reply-chain.

And what's also annoying (but kind of understandable) is that your Quick Reply message will disappear when you tap on another post in the conversation. This often happens to me by accident or if I want to open a link in the browser that was posted in a previous post. A simple solution for this would be to show an alert, asking if the user really wants to discard their message.

Having said all that, I still use the Quick Reply feature, because it is just convenient to be able to read other posts, especially when replying to someone's multi-toot thoughts.
The "Drafts" feature makes these issues survivable for me, but I can definitely see new users (that don't know about the Drafts feature) giving up on FediLab, if this happens more than once for them.
So, yeah, I think the Quick Reply feature is important and I think, it would be time spent well to improve it.

Yes, to me, quick reply is nice *because* you can still see the conversation

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