>As of Sunday, the Fedilab app was still available to download in the Google Play Store, as were a number of other Fediverse apps. It is unclear whether Google has removed any of these apps from its app store and whether it is, indeed, planning to pull them over user-generated content.

Yes, we got 7 days! That will happen in 4 days, and I still didn't get a reply from Google 😕

Are they also pulling chrome because it can access http?

@fedilab you dont generate google money so why would you receive a reply

@fedilab To call this an over reach by Google is an understatement. This kind of thing should be vehemently opposed by everyone. Google doesn't get to make these kinds of calls. The position it legally takes prohibits it from such things. They can't have their cake and eat it to.

Ah yea, "over concerns about hate speech". Sure. Whatever brings them closer to their "internet oligopol". And people eat it up like it's the truth and like these companies are interested in their wellbeing


Whats next - XMPP, Matrix, Jitsi, Telegram etc?
Will they block web sites on Chrome and email accounts on Gmail?
Thanks for your wonderful apps!

@fedilab ok, so, if google concerns about hate speech, next ones are facebook and twitter? or big tech giants are untouchable?

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