If Google wants a useless login block. Should I?


To be clearer, only the Google Play release would have this login block.
When a blocked instance will be entered, the app will display a link to get the app on F-Droid.
I just need a reply from Google before proceeding to a such a move.
The lite version won't be concerned too.

What will you do if you don't get a reply and get removed?

What if they just give you a vague answer about "instances hosting offensive material"?

If you do get a reply of which instances you have to block, would you please post that list so that we can mercilessly mock Google for it?

What will you do if this happens again?

But if they want a login block they will have to remove all browsers too!

@fedilab @selea
I think that's the best compromise. It puts the responsibility of judge and jury onto Google instead of app developers.

I'm very pessimistic, and I don't think they'll outright give you a list. And if they do, they probably won't update that list, they'll just threaten to pull the app again.

@fedilab Are you sure that promoting other app stores isn't also against policy?

I seem to remember some app way back getting booted from the Play store for telling users to download it from the Amazon app store instead.

Yes, you're right but as these users can't use GPlay, it's not the same conditions.

@fedilab Well, you probably know the policies better than I do
And will they care about that? I'm not sure... I did this whole thing very strange... They are playing with double standards and that's not a good sign.

You could circumvent this by displaying a link to the website. There you can direct the people to the F-Droid store...
So the app itself would not break any stupid Google rules. 😉

@fedilab personnally i don't use G API and only the F-Droid repo

@fedilab I think this would be perfect. Though knowing google they'd get buttmad about you doing that, as they also killed(?) the amazon appstore from gplay

I am an F-Droid user myself and am usually glad to see links to the F-Droid store. But not in this case when only a specific group of people is directed there. It may harm F-Droid in the end.

@snm @fedilab I agree, sending potential far-right extremists to F-Droid might harm the free software ecosystem. I would not give them any help for their actions, I would also feel ok to block gab in the F-Droid version of fedilab, too. They can fork and maintain their own version without blocks, its still free software, but then it's their thing and it's not endorsed by the free software community.

Google is despicable. I would rather completely drop Google Play version than comply with their demands.

Many good apps are not on the GPStore (anymore ). If G wants it, they can compile their own version of #fediverse from the sources and maintain it themselves.

@fedilab I understand that this is a bigger fish than you or perhaps other developers in this situation are prepared to take on. But I would not kowtow to Google on this one. Leave the app as is, and let it be removed. Changing the app signals that this action is acceptable and that google is justified in making this decision. They are not, and are exceeding their legal right, which should invalidate their current legal standing.

I totally agree. As other mentioned l, this is how the fediverse and the open part of the internet works.
Probably it would be a good move to try to use the attention on the Play Store Rules raised by fortnite.
The internet belongs not to google alone - not yet!

@fedilab This is a fair compromise tbh.

Some people will tell you to take a hardline stance but that’s practically always the wrong answer in my experience.

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