If Google does not want to listen to my explanations, I will not change the app for them.
The way they are acting is unfair and don't give any trust concerning next publications.
I prefer to spend my time to help people to switch on for getting the app.

They didn't say it clearly, but 4 apps received a UGC warning with only 7 days to fix it. After that, apps are removed.
I guess, that they want a login block.
I wrote to them, for knowing what exactly. And I also explained how Fediverse works and how it is useless.
I mentioned that the app has everything to block/mute users or instances.

@fedilab @FdC wow, 7 days seems super short, especially when they're notoriously difficult to get in contact with

@fedilab @FdC I'm much in favour to make users know what they are doing, as I worry many do not fully understand what of their posted content is visible for whom. I would be happy to see (in-app!) really clear help+guides to give users all the info to make sure they know what they're doing - it's such transparency which makes FOSS differ from the shady "social" networks. OK, and we yet lack a seamless transition from public fedi to protected E2E encrypted networks...


So you are the app that does not block #gab?

And now #google kicks you out?

So actually google takes a strong stand to protect marginalized people ( who are the main target of hate ) , while #fedilab and #fdroid choose ( I guess? ) to "keep away from politics" , which is not posible, just supports the status qou.

I never thought I would side with google and against f-droid, but this might just be that moment!



@El_joa how do you feel about chromium, edge, firefox, safari, etc. not blocking gab? #isolategab by having instance-admins moderate federation makes a whole lot more sense ...

@fedilab @FdC

@El_joa @fedilab @FdC
1. This isn't the only app that doesn't block Gab, and I'm not even sure if there are Gab-blocking apps that have been targeted or non-Gab blocking apps that haven't.
2. Gab, last I checked, hasn't been accessible via ActivityPub, so the apps shouldn't work anyway in accessing it.
3. Google is being sufficiently vague that we have no idea what the precise issue is. It could be a "you-need-to-block-every-instance-we-don't-like" for all we know.
4. Even if it is about Gab, this is a dangerous precedent. By the same logic, Google could implement a site blacklist in Chrome and force all other browsers to comply with their block or be kicked from the Play store.

@El_joa @fedilab @FdC He’s the app that lets users block instances, including Gab (which isn’t a federated instance any more btw idiot). Once again, the retards coming in full force at a common sense stance for a developer of an app to take. If you don’t develop, shut up and leave

@fedilab @FdC

can you state that its for single instance of yours(but other can use it).

Simple makes yours default one and tell them it isn’t related for fediverse any more and some t&c to please them.

I don't think your app is targeted as you're focused on your instance which is under your control. So, you're safe on this matter :)

@fedilab @FdC

Well i meant you can show them its for your instance but people can still use it, but you can tell them that now you have chnaged that and its for your instance only. But people can still change the domain in your app.

No, it's for all instances like a web browser such Chrome allows all urls.

@fedilab @FdC

Well i meant try to declare it only to google, people can put there domain anyway. This way you comply with there rules, kind of a loophole.

@fedilab @FdC

There will be high chances that they will allow your app as its easier to moniter single instance.

While I do understand this, I paid for this app. I'm not sure if I want to add f-droid to this phone, never used it before. I hope Google will be of help.

Whatever decision you end up making, thanks for your efforts so far. I've been enjoying the app and it was/is worth the money that I've paid for it. <3

F-Droid is an alternate app store. You also don't necessarily need it if you're only grabbing fedilab (you could just grab the apk) It also doesn't replace Google Play.

You can follow @mastalab for being warned as soon as a new apk is available.
Download links are in the toots.

@sexybiggetje @fedilab Don't worry bro. You have all the community to help you to use F-Droid if necessary. It's as simple as Google Play.

I have technical knowledge, I just don't want to be managing multiple stores. Appreciate the support tho!

If I had to choose between google play store or F-droid I would stick with the latter. I also trust F-droid more in privacy respecting.
@Kimba @fedilab

So I've installed f-droid, but it is slow, shows Dutch, English and French descriptions.
Doesn't look that great to me.
@Kimba @fedilab

For me is absolutely great to not have people commenting "This app is a fake!" on a X-Ray Scanner app for pranks. Without mentioning the Google analytics code they put on each app on the Play Store seems like doesn't exists on F-Droid.

I think there are another apps that can be used to open F-Droid, and also you can add repositories to have more apps available.

I don't know I just use it to download all the apps I need from it and that's it. That, the updates and ungoogle my device are the only three features I was looking for.

@Divert @fedilab

@sexybiggetje @Kimba @fedilab
It is not the eye candy, it's freedom that I like with F-droid.

@sexybiggetje @fedilab I paid for it through the play store, but that's only because it was a tad more convenient than it was on f-droid.
If only f-droid had an option for direct payment, but then liberapay would probably be a more open option.

I'd happily donate some more money if that fixes the problem, but the problem isn't about money. So we're screwed. This isn't fedilabs problem neither. I'm not sure what I'll do next. It's a dick move by google, but I don't really want to manage multiple app stores.


... I understand, and this is exactly why I switched to F-Droid only! 😉

@vancha @fedilab

@sexybiggetje tbh though, I believe you've spent much more energy answering to this thread than you would by "managing" two stores 😋
@vancha @fedilab


> I'm not sure if I want to add #fdroid to this phone

Yes you do.


Sooner of later, this would happen. Don't give up.

@fossasap @fedilab yep that's not a surprise
Even if this is completely unfair and shouldn't happen

@fedilab Why are you so committed to helping nazis organize?

May I ask whats your problem with someone providing an Android App for using the fediverse instance you like?

Or more polemic: Would you like to shut down the internet and everything else that is a possible plattform for nazis?

Probably you think about how it must be for the developer. Everytime your app is highlighted a discussion starts about helping or beeing a nazi.

The developer is making is work open source and transparent I highly appreciat that.

@michi @fedilab Providing a platform for nazis to organize is inherently violent, this isn't hard to understand

Fedilab once banned Gab because Gab explicitly promotes violence, but then changed their mind and actively removed the block, which is a pretty violent thing to do

@evenstay @fedilab this is such a silly argument. Are you also going to hate on public transport for letting Nazi's go from A to B?

@nvsr @fedilab Fedilab's devs specifically removed from the app's code a block for the fascist social network Gab.

A more apt comparison would be: If a private bus company revised their routing specifically to allow armed terrorists to attack protesters, would it be wrong to support that bus company? Obviously, the answer would be yes

@evenstay @fedilab not quite. There's no sane way of blocking undesired individuals from the fediverse. One can launch a new instance in less than 10 minutes. It's simply not feasible to have an instance block list. Not only that, an otherwise normal instance, let's say the one you're on, could end up on such a list simply because a single individual toots something the list maintainers find undesirable. Mastodon provides many ways of filtering undesirables, that functionality should be used.

@nvsr @fedilab Fedilab once blocked Gab and actively removed the block. That's actively supporting violent extremism, there is nothing passive about it

@evenstay @fedilab allowing access isn't the same thing as supporting, though. Just because something's not against it doesn't mean it's for it. Especially something like a client connecting to a server shouldn't care about what the endpoint is, as long as it adheres to the technical standard.

@nvsr @fedilab If you think it's okay to modify your code for the explicit and sole purpose of providing a platform for violent extremism, we're done, there's no more dialogue to be had

fedi client ethics, philosophy 

@evenstay @nvsr @fedilab What's the difference between removing the code that handles the “Block Gab” feature (which is a trade-off, in development time if nothing else) and never having implemented it in the first place?

Obviously, I got too fast on that matter. At this time, I was scared to get my app banned.
Then, I clearly released that was not my job. I prefered to add tools like import/export/share an instance block list.
That's a powerful tool and far for being symbolic like an useless instance block.
What about email, browser apps so? Are they your next targets?

@fedilab @nvsr If their developers modify their code specifically to provide a platform for violent extremism, as you yourself just admitted doing, then obviously people shouldn't use them

Yawn. Google are the #fascists. Terrorism has always been partly or in whole, funded by US oligrchs and Google serve those oligarchs.

Learn your history.

Start with #MichaelParenti's War on Yugoslavia. If it hasn't been banned by Google like #RichMansTrick was.

@fedilab @nvsr

@dsfgs And when listening to alternative narratives on Yugoslavia, also keep in mind that some of us lost our homes and middle-class status, some of us while still kids.

During a war we didn't want, but going about seeking independence we did want, enjoying rocket attacks on cities we escaped to seeking some safety.

But that's a different topic. All I meant to say is: don't get stuck with Parenti's view, either, just because it's contrarian.

@evenstay @fedilab @nvsr

@evenstay @fedilab @nvsr
If Google want to ban fascists then why don't they should delist all Cloudflare-servers from their search results, because it's Cloudflare that serve the sites that actually indoctrinate kids and disaffected twenty-somethings into becoming extremists.

Gab, chans, infowars etc.

While we are here Google should ban Israel for their continual theft of Palestinian land.

But no. Unbiased Fedilab must go.

Google Serves Nazis

#GoogleServesNazis #GoogleServesCloudflare

@evenstay A FOSS client application can not provide a platform. You are speaking of technicalities that you clearly do not understand. Also stop being jelly of fedilab's feature set.
@fedilab @nvsr

@evenstay @fedilab @nvsr Of course, gab is so disgusting as a whole that it seems a must to ban it. Other mastodon client did so, with the effect to get forked by Nazis to patch the block out again. The only persistent way is to enable and teach users to use blocking, and thus be individually in control independent of app or site admin (as long as the server component is sane).

@shevek @evenstay @fedilab worth noting that gab chose to stop federating with the rest of the fediverse, so you don't see them on your federated timeline at least.

@evenstay @fedilab @nvsr Question: What does it change, to hard-block an instance? I mean: let's look at the Tusky scenario:

1 - They block [that instance]
2 - [that instance] forks Tusky
3 - Users who want to use [that instance] jump from Tusky to Tusky's fork.

What benefit did it have? No one. Developers just lost the time, lost some users, fragmented the project and absolutely nothing was accomplished, because users can still log into the instance with Tusky, only that it's not called Tusky but it's still the same code...


I used to think that way, too but I learned otherwise:

On 2. Those nazis fork tusky. This takes them time and resources, which they then cant use to target people with their hate.

But don't take it from me - I'm actually not a target ( I'm white and otherwise full of #privilege as well ). Instead, do ask your BIPoC friends on this issue! Their voices should count!

@evenstay @fedilab @nvsr

@El_joa @evenstay @fedilab @nvsr But things don't end here, Nazis instances can still be created and Tusky's devs would need to hunt them and return to 1. But this time, Nazis already did 2., so the only ones losing their time are the devs. And ineffectively because, as mentioned, a block from an application doesn't prevent users from becoming a target. Only instances to instances blocks or user to instances block are effective for that, things that Fedilab already has and doesn't plan to drop.

@evenstay @fedilab @nvsr It clear you know nothing about app development. Maybe tech brainlets like you should sit this one out. You didn’t even answer his question about email apps. I can use the email apps built into iOS and Android to login to “nazi” instances. Explain that away retard.

When I saw the above reply, I immediately installed your app from fdroid 👌
Turned out I liked your behavior previously as well:

But it seems like it can't connect to the instance I'm using. I filled in '', but got 'Unable to connect to instance domain!'

Do you know what could be the problem? (It's a private instance; no public registration option)

CC @admin

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