I forgot the issue with translation 🙄
I am currently using a systrans api key with the app, and it works fine.
If translation is an important feature for you, you should switch to systrans in settings.

@fedilab will you be able to fix the translation issue with other providers eg Yandex? Systrans doesn't support my language need.

I'm sorry, it doesn't work or I impose badly. in addition to selecting systrans do I also have to put the api in the settings? Thanks very much

Same here.
@fedilab Bonjour Thomas🖖
I've tried 3 possible settings
& Systrans
All these doesn't work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Is set to Systrans, and restart #fedilab APP a possible solution for #translation problem ?

How do I get it to use systrans - do I need an API key?

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