If you get crashes when uploading media with , there are chances that you get stuck on a very old release (2.5.2).
Just delete your version and download the last one on

I'm on 2.37.0-beta1 and uploads tend to fail when I do multiple. When I do them one by one, passing through the image editor, they succeed.
They are under 8mb, so I doubt it's the filesize.
It doesn't crash though.

Size (px) is also important afaik. I don't remember limits.

but I assume the built-in editor does not auto-resize?
Because they succeed when I just accept them in there without cropping.

I'll see if I can do some tests with and without editor enabled too.

Okay, disabling the image editor as well as enabling or disabling image resizing makes no difference.
The upload just almost immediately fails.
Is there a way to get the actual error messages from failed uploads?

if I upload them directly via's web interface, they succeed without issue.
If I combine a camera photograph with a screenshot through Fedilab, only the screenshot goes through.

I briefly thought it might've been because they were on the SD card, but moving them to internal memory made no difference.

Want me to upload the actual files somewhere so you can test with them?

@FiXato I will check what happens when selecting several media -

@angrytux yes, that's correct. But I got some feedback where several persons get stuck on 2.5.2.

@angrytux this 2.5.2 version is the latest free version of the app on Google before being taken down.

@fedilab @angrytux I still see it on the store, did it get taken down, or are they just not letting you do updates. (I'm in the bets, so the last one I see is 2.36.2

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