I will need your help for testing (an Android app for ).

What's new in 1.1.0:

- Instances picker
- Multi accounts support
- Some bug fixes


Apk for tests =>

Depending of your feedback, I will publish it soon on

Boosts appreciated. Thanks.

The official repo is on . You can raise issues or ask for improvements here:
(English or French).

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The app currently only supports emails for authentication. I will add the support for usernames.

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I thought to publish this version on only. I prepared it for Google but they are tracking videos that can talk about YouTube & co. They asked me to restrict this content.
I am personally for not publishing it on Google. What do you think.

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@fedilab I just installed, looks great. I, for some reason, was under the impression that on first start the instance picker would be front and center with options for your likes and dislikes for users to create an account. I assume that this is intended for viewing not content upload. I was able to select my personal instance but not login.

Personally I think trending would also be more attractive than discover as the default landing page.


Great job on pulling in a cross-section of content from across peertube, this shows how much larger the network is then most imagine.

@fedilab sorry found the account settings in the top left for login:(

However, in my case these login fields don't work.

The tubelab account login uses INSTANCE, EMAIL, PSWD.

In my case my login uses a USER name not EMAIL as credentials.

so login is not possible.

Yes, I need to accept username too. But you have an email attached to your account (it's mandatory). Just use it. I will improve that part. Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks I tried the email I thought was connected but will verify.

Ah super. En plus tu publies. N'hésite pas à me faire des retours. Merci.

Je participerai même dans sa localisation en kabyle

Super! Merci. Faut que je voie avec @ButterflyOfFire s'il est OK pour gérer une nouvelle app pour les traductions :) Je serais content d'ajouter le Kabyle et la possibilité de cibler la langue dans l'app.
Merci pour ta participation :)

Ok, il est lui même un localisateur kabyle, oui c'est bien de lui demander. Merci

@fedilab @ButterflyOfFire
Première remarque, est-il possible d'avoir le thème noir dans l'application ? :)

@fedilab @ButterflyOfFire
L'application ne dispose pas de la fonction : afficher les sous-titres d'une vidéo

It should be an apk. Maybe I missed something. Try to copy/paste the link in your favorite browser.

It's ok, I renamed the file to .apk and I installed it with my apk manager. Thanks !

@fedilab is there a way to make it clear to Google Play users *why* this is not being published to Google?

Last time they refused the app because their bots used the public search feature and found videos telling how to download YouTube videos.

So they ask me again to have control where I can't and I won't.

I would suggest not to spend toomuch energy with gogol.
People looking for an App specifically for #peertube, will be able to find it on F-Droid.

@fedilab @rysiek can you share a screencap of what Google specifically asked you to do? Because this is getting crazy and needs to get more attention...

@nikolal @liaizon @fedilab I think there's a new thing now about the youtube download thingy, if I understood correctly

That reasoning would also ban Firefox/Chrome, and about anything where content generated by other people is available.

@fedilab They need to start policing YouTube better, then. There are pages of search results on YT for how to download a YT video.

Too many disconnected departments at the Googleplex.

@fedilab Is there a way to create a google version that when you try and view the "redistricted" apps it says "Google doesn't want you to see this video?"

They will ban it :) I tried for donation links too that they refuse to see :)

@fedilab @dualhammers I guess there's a limit to how much effort you have to put in it before calling it quits. You want to create an platform based on your vision of how it should work,google does not accept it that way. If you release it on Google, it wouldn't really be the app you want it to be.
You tried adapting to make releasing it on the play store work, don't make their problem your problem. F-droid sounds great. :)

This makes me sad. We should engage in a FLOSS organisation and build a legal department to fight this kind of cases and keep the developers focus on their software.

@fedilab I'm on Google free LineageOS. I wouldn't feel comfortable voting on this because I know I'm biased, and it's also easy for me to say, oh go ahead, who cares about Google. But I also know that a lot of people don't have that option, for whatever reason. I would say, however, if you, as the developer, think *not* putting it on the Play Store is the right thing to do, then go ahead. This restriction certainly sucks, and if it was my software, I'm not sure I would go along with it either.

@fedilab How about a payed version on the Play Store with a disclaimer that you can download it for free without trackers on F-Droid? Got to make people aware of the alternatives.

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