For , I would like to set default instances depending of the device language.
Could you help me to target that instances?
They must be moderated and somewhat active.

Boosts appreciated. Thank you.


So now default instances are:

- it_*:
- fr_BE:
- fr_*:
- de_*:
- ru_*:;
- en-GB:
- da/sv/n/fi/is:


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Peer war doch immer der,
der die Verbindung kappt!
Der ist immer schuld,
wenn etwas nicht klappt!

Peer is, who cuts the line.
Whenever something goes wrong, it's Peer's fault!

@wauz @fedilab doth quoteth the raven, “connection reset by peer”.

@fedilab A couple of those instances ban communism in their CoC in the same sentence as nazism. I think it's pretty dangerous to put them as default because of that. They seem to all be membres of 'the peertube alliance', whatever that is.

Wow, can you tell me more? I don't know what's "Peertube alliance" is.
I just want instances active in moderation for videos and comments that are respectful for everyone.
Thanks for warning me. The version is not yet published, I should postpone it for knowing more.

@fedilab So I have checked a little bit more and apparently the alliance is nothing more than linking other instances that have different languages. the it, fr_be, de_, ru, en-GB, da instances are members. They have the same CoC. also seems to have copyright infrigement videos. just look at the videos when opening the instance.

If I ran an instance that banned political extremism and demagoguery I'd ban them both in the same sentence, what is wrong with that?
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