Could you share under this message one account to follow and introduce it?

I will start on that thread with @FediFollows a Mastodon account dedicated to recommend accounts to follow on the Fediverse :)

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@fedilab #FollowFriday is a great initiative for a new social media site! I follow @OpenCulture one of my favourite pages with a ton of free resources and always interesting articles. So glad I can get their updates on #Mastodon although I wish they would be more active!


@mwlucas Is a tech and fiction author. He has written various works such as Absolute OpenBSD, the Networknomicon, Git Commit Murder, and Savaged by Systemd.

Fils time I hear about those works ... Articles or books ?
@fedilab @mwlucas

I agree, an account that I follow since a while.

Hey ! Hope you're well ! Still in Germany ?

@hyde Heya, never lived in Germany, I’m afraid (although I’ve visited often). We’ve been based in Ireland for the past two years :)

Oh I thought I read something about Germany ... 😅

@fedilab @tilvids a edutainment focused #peertube instance that has just jumped back on mastodon and is tooting daily recommended video content from their site.

@jambamkin @fedilab @tilvids Appreciate the shout-out! I'm really enjoying the Mastodon community experience so far, fits well with #PeerTube and what I'm trying to do with #tilvids

Another: Artist, Children's Book Author — @davidrevoy
Does all his work on GNU/Linux too.

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