will need your help for translations

UntrackMe catches URLs before delegating to another app. It will:
- Catch shortened URLs and display the real site behind (without visiting the shortener service)
- Remove UTM parameters (tracking)
- Help you to see the content of YouTube, Twitter and Instagram with more respectful front-ends
If you share a link with UntrackMe, it will transform the URLs for being respectful with privacy.

Account on Mastodon @UntrackMe

@fedilab @UntrackMe
Is there any way to add a language? Persian language is missing!

@pouyeh @ButterflyOfFire is the person that does everything with translations. He will help me to fix that.

@fedilab @ButterflyOfFire
Thanks for your prompt response. I also created an account on the Crowdin to contribute to the Persian translation. 😉

@jibe_b @fedilab @UntrackMe

I have been involved as a translator for some time, but thanks for mentioning it :-)

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