If I often boost at 2:30am (GTM+2) while I am sleeping, that's because I scheduled my boosts with .
That helps to reach people in another timezone.

1.11.0 will allow to customize URLs so that you can change some settings (theme, thin mode, language, volume, etc.).

You can also force to remove parameters. If you set a custom setting, it will be added if it was not in the URL, otherwise its value will be changed.

There are a lot of new strings to translate 🙃: crowdin.com/project/nitterizem (thanks)

More about invidious URL parameters: github.com/omarroth/invidious/

If you use the default display mode, you might have noticed that strange button in each message. It's a shortcut for in-app features:

- Bookmark the message (synced and available offline),
- Translation (with obfuscation for sensitive content, you can define your translation engine in settings),
- Timed mute the account,
- Schedule a boost,
- Mention the message.

Not related to Fedilab 

I received it few days ago. I am really impressed by your work @TheForeignAgent, it's just beautiful! 👌

Thank you.

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If you want to have less options on the main menu, it's in your hands. Just turn them off in settings

To be honest, I didn't work on the console mode since a while. That might need some improvements. But that was not a joke :)

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Not related to Fedilab 

Recently, I wanted to find a nice gift for my mother. I remembered all nice leather objects that @TheForeignAgent was making.
So I asked him that I would like a leather wallet. I am impressed by his work showing how he is involved and loves this art. He will take you with him and he helps for customizations.
You can have a look to his work at pjs-leathercraft.ogre.st/categ

If you're a moderator on your instance. You might be interested by the moderation feature with .
You will have to follow steps for creating a new token that supports the admin scope.

now runs in 1.1.1, you can schedule messages with polls. It supports autocomplete for mentions, tags emojis.
You can also use the emoji picker. The support for the format of media has been extended.


By default, decreases video and picture sizes before submitting them.
That allows to submit larger videos/pictures without dealing with limits. You can disable that behavior in settings

Due to recent events, I forgot the 3 years old of . My bad.
The app grew up thanks to all your suggestions 👍

Did you know that you can write messages with more characters that your instance allows it with ?
Just enable the option in settings, the app will automatically split your long message in a thread.

Did you know that has a privacy tab in its settings? Don't hesitate to turn on some of them. Also update the tracking database if you use the built-in browser (default browser). You will say goodbye to tracking scripts and ads when visiting websites.

Did you know that you can long press every links with to get a contextual menu? That will help you to know the full URL, to check if it redirects and much more.

If you don't use Fedilab, just install on to remove tracking parameters. The app will also redirect YouTube, Twitter and Instagram links to their most respectful front-ends , and .

I published 1.9.0-beta-1 that works with all urls.
It's a beta release which also fixes last issues.

Download: fedilab.app/wiki/nitterizeme/#

I am testing that supports all urls.
I added a way to manage apps (default ones) as I can't properly use the default app picker (because UntrackMe is set by default for opening all links).

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Instances for Invidious, Nitter and Bibliogram have been updated on the website.
Think to check with if there are more faster ones for you.

Thank you to the person who contributed to update this list.

I often get that question about text size. You can customize it quickly as for icon sizes.

Announcements were broken. I didn't notice it. That's fixed now.

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1.7.1 has been released.

What's new:

- Support for pic.twitter.com
- Redirect Twitter searches to Nitter

- Black theme
- App name
- App icon

You can help to change the old app name to the new one in sentences with crowdin. Thanks.

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