I think I will be OK for the final release of .
I added one last important feature available with : the ability to select subtitles.

A new release of is available.

What's new:

- Allow to login with the username
- Minimize videos when the activity goes in background (can be disabled in settings).
- French, German and Spanish are available (Thanks to translators).

Keep submitting your bug reports or suggestions. Thank you.

Download: framadrive.org/s/2xRmz4f3Fk7L5

I will need your help for testing (an Android app for ).

What's new in 1.1.0:

- Instances picker
- Multi accounts support
- Some bug fixes

More: github.com/stom79/TubeLab

Apk for tests => framadrive.org/s/33mGXZYEarGpn

Depending of your feedback, I will publish it soon on

Boosts appreciated. Thanks.

I added an instances picker (filters for categories, how NSFW are handled). I need to add a filter for languages too.
But we are really close to the release.

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🇫🇷 Tubelab 

J'ai publié une nouvelle version (1.0.3).

Nouveautés :

- Modifier la vignette des vidéos
- Mettre des comptes en sourdine
- Refonte de la présentation des chaînes et des listes de lecture
- Refonte de l’affichage du compte
- Historique des vidéos regardées
- Possibilité de changer le mode pour les vidéos
- Possibilité de créer/supprimer une chaîne.
- Abonnements affichés dans des vignettes avec possibilité de filtrer les vidéos.

Fdroid & Google

-> framagit.org/tom79/fedilab-tub

Testing watermarks with (the first picture has the default one, the second has a custom text).
This feature is disabled by default.

I just read the message of @Gargron asking which apps allow to register an account. Currently it's possible with and from .
I do hope @pixelfed will suggest it soon 🙂

To users: Did you know that you can write your messages using markdown, HTML or BBCode formats with ? Just long press the submit button.

I was trying to publish the app on Google Play. I will give up because they refused it twice.
First time, I didn't add the report feature (that's now OK). Second time, they found a video thanks to the public search feature...
But it should be available soon on

To be clearer on what I suggest. I already built an app based on Fedilab code for Peertube only. This is completely different, you can watch videos without being authenticated.
If you are authenticated, many dedicated features are available (comments, thumbs-up/down, upload, edit videos, play lists, notifications, etc.)
More : framagit.org/tom79/fedilab-tub

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If I often boost at 2:30am (GTM+2) while I am sleeping, that's because I scheduled my boosts with .
That helps to reach people in another timezone.

1.11.0 will allow to customize URLs so that you can change some settings (theme, thin mode, language, volume, etc.).

You can also force to remove parameters. If you set a custom setting, it will be added if it was not in the URL, otherwise its value will be changed.

There are a lot of new strings to translate 🙃: crowdin.com/project/nitterizem (thanks)

More about invidious URL parameters: github.com/omarroth/invidious/

If you use the default display mode, you might have noticed that strange button in each message. It's a shortcut for in-app features:

- Bookmark the message (synced and available offline),
- Translation (with obfuscation for sensitive content, you can define your translation engine in settings),
- Timed mute the account,
- Schedule a boost,
- Mention the message.

Not related to Fedilab 

I received it few days ago. I am really impressed by your work @TheForeignAgent, it's just beautiful! 👌

Thank you.

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If you want to have less options on the main menu, it's in your hands. Just turn them off in settings

To be honest, I didn't work on the console mode since a while. That might need some improvements. But that was not a joke :)

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Not related to Fedilab 

Recently, I wanted to find a nice gift for my mother. I remembered all nice leather objects that @TheForeignAgent was making.
So I asked him that I would like a leather wallet. I am impressed by his work showing how he is involved and loves this art. He will take you with him and he helps for customizations.
You can have a look to his work at pjs-leathercraft.ogre.st/categ

If you're a moderator on your instance. You might be interested by the moderation feature with .
You will have to follow steps for creating a new token that supports the admin scope.

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