I published 2.27.1 in dev.

What's new:
- Follow Twitter accounts (via )
- Fix recent bug reports.

I published 2.27.0
It should fix your last reports. Also you can now copy or share unshortened URLs. You will have trends when searching for tags.

Release notes: framagit.org/tom79/fedilab/-/r

Just a reminder that you can disable live notifications quickly for all accounts or for some accounts.

I have to fix the wysiwyg for users. As I didn't get reports, I guess it's not really an emergency.

2.26.1 has been published πŸŽ‰

What's new:
- A dedicated tab in settings for privacy
- Trending tags with charts for your instance
- Long press links to display a context menu (display full link, copy, share, open with an other app, unshorten the link)
- You can customize the user agent
- Fix quick replies for Pixelfed and Mastodon
- Some other fixes

More: framagit.org/tom79/fedilab/-/t

To make things easier, the app now has a new Privacy tab in settings.

I published 2.26.0 in dev. If everything is OK, I will switch it in prod.

I added an item when long pressing URLs, you can now track the redirect (useful for shortened ones). It doesn't use an API.

In this release, you can also customize the user agent.

In the next release, you will be able to long press all links to display a context menu:

- Display full link
- Share link
- Open with another app
- Copy link

New light theme "Moe" from @Lazercruizer πŸ‘
I will introduce soon a feature to display previews and get them inside the app with all credits.

And two new themes on fedilab.app/themes

"Less Angry Orange" from @angrytux

"Sasquatch Socks" from @Oz

Thanks for sharing them πŸ‘

In the coming release, polls allowing multiple choices will look like that. Open the link below for the current result with .


A new theme has been added: "Cyberpunk Neon". Credits to @Roboron πŸ‘Thanks.

You can download it here: fedilab.app/themes

And the first light theme submitted by @arjonnyp πŸ‘
Available for downloads at fedilab.app/themes/ (Solarized Light).


If you prefer the compact mode of the lite version you can also get it via settings.

For polls (multiple choices), I changed the number of votes with the number of "voters" at the bottom.
But I didn't change the normalisation to 100, because it sounds strange to me to have a total over 100. But with your advice, I might change my mind.


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