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If you want to use another browser with and open links externally, you have to uncheck built-in browser and custom tabs.

Next release of should be published tomorrow.

The app will be renamed, and will have a new icon. It will add some support for Twitter searches to transform them in searches. Also the support for redirecting Twitter media as been extended.

I published 2.33.1
This release should fix recent crashes, fix the issue with colors and fix the bug with animated avatars.

Maybe the release will be published first :)


- Allow to redirect Invidious, Nitter and Bibliogram links to the preferred instances
- Built-in player that ensures videos are played locally
- Detect AMP Google Urls and open the real link
- Remove AMP tracking after unshortening URL
- Unshorten support for

- Improve apps detection for opening links
- Add titles above links for apps

- Refresh issue when picking up another instance
- Last Bibliogram instances not accessible

MOSS launches COVID-19 Solutions Fund – The Mozilla Blog

Mozilla is announcing today the creation of a COVID-19 Solutions Fund as part of the Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS).

A new theme has been added at

"Mondstern Fedilab" thanks to @mondstern

Now, 12 custom themes are available.

If you didn't know the custom themes feature, you can have a look here:

2.32.0 has been published.

What's new:

- Announcements with reactions for Mastodon
- Reactions in posts for
- Fix the missing custom emoji picker.
- Some improvements when scrolling.

I published the support for reactions on the beta channel for .

To beta testers.

I published a release that supports announcements and you can react with emoji and custom emoji.
Also, the content supports custom emoji, mentions and tags (clickable).
I will quickly extend reactions for posts.

Next release of will give you more info about instances (locale and if it uses Cloudflare)

Also, you can contribute to this list here:

It's from the website side, so it's updated quickly.

Thank you to Ash (I don't know his/her Fediverse account) for the new UI of

Did you know that you can long press links with ?
You will be able to display the full URL and even check redirects before opening it.

In the next release of , you will be able to pick up easily an instance. I also added a way to check latencies to help you choosing the best one.

If you want to add instances, just ping me it doesn't need app updates.

I wonder if Google will publish . I just submitted the app. Of course Google doesn't like donation links and I have two.
So I changed their behavior a little 🙄

Twitter shortens URLs that are already shortened 🤔

Well, I added that supports.

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OK. That works. I clicked a shortened link from an email. The link is fetched without opening the real url.

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Setting as the default app for catching links should be easier in the next release.

I am excited to see the next release of 👌
Thanks to @dansup, I can test features with the app before Pixelfed releases.

You might want more info about and how to make it work for links. I will build a tutorial but also, I will improve helpers inside the app.

In this thread, I will explain some elements through media descriptions.

First case, how to remove default apps for opening links (for apps listed on NitterizeMe)

I have follow/unfollow/edit buttons on profiles for :)
Thanks @dansup 👍

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