If you are happy with some of open-source apps such

you can support that work on Liberapay:


Or on Patreon:


Thank you :)

Finally, the app was accepted on Google.
I used the same process that for : paid app on Google and free on .
The only difference, the Google version doesn't have donation links.


If you get crashes when uploading media with , there are chances that you get stuck on a very old release (2.5.2).
Just delete your version and download the last one on


I forgot the issue with translation 🙄
I am currently using a systrans api key with the app, and it works fine.
If translation is an important feature for you, you should switch to systrans in settings.

If Google does not want to listen to my explanations, I will not change the app for them.
The way they are acting is unfair and don't give any trust concerning next publications.
I prefer to spend my time to help people to switch on for getting the app.

Due to recent events, I read so much wrong things about

- No, Fedilab was a paid app before the gab matter. The goal was to move people to F-Droid (Fedilab got more than 50k active users at this time)

- No, I didn't remove the free version, it was taken down by Google due to donation links.

- Yes, in-app login block is useless. That will never prevent your account to see messages from instances that you don't want to see.

And yes, the app has all tools to build your safe place.

If I create an open collective dedicated to pay a translation Api, would you be in the game?

Yandex Translate api shut down its free API (2 days ago). I will try to add Bing support in the next release (which still offers free api key).
Currently, you can switch to another translator (DeepL or systrans) with , but you need your Api key.

I published 2.37.0-beta-1.

What's new:

- Watermarks for pictures (default: disabled)
- Blur sensitive media for Pixelfed
- Put messages into drafts when replying to a deleted message
- Allow to schedule with another account

- Quick replies lose text when doing another action
- Fix refresh token (/#Pixelfed)

Testing watermarks with (the first picture has the default one, the second has a custom text).
This feature is disabled by default.

I just read the message of @Gargron asking which apps allow to register an account. Currently it's possible with and from .
I do hope @pixelfed will suggest it soon 🙂

We are really close to a new release, please, let me know there if there is something important for you to fix before

To users: Did you know that you can write your messages using markdown, HTML or BBCode formats with ? Just long press the submit button.

Maybe I don't say it often but thank you for sending me your bug reports!

Anonymous contributors that enabled and send to me crash reports, allow to track what's going wrong.

With your help, is more stable for everyone 👍

To users :

Would you like to have the translation feature with ?

Good news for and users. The next release of will fix the refresh token issue. You should no longer get the error "401 unauthenticated" when starting the app.

OK. I added a filter for Google and the app has been accepted.
Now, I have to extend it for everyone. But keep in mind that doesn't censor apps content. That's better to use apps from this store when available.

I also have to find the better way to re-use translations already provided with and the way to maintain them.


I think I will offer a feature to disable syncing notes. Maybe some people might prefer to keep account notes on their device only. Especially it's possible to backup/forward data with

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