Sorry for the delay. I published the new release 2.33.0 with fixes.

- Allow to edit searches

- Move the favourite item in menu

- Filters not working
- Crash when sharing http URLs
- Missing ogg image when sharing
- Extra space with quick replies
- Crash when doing searches
- Fix a crash when clicking on conversations
- Fix a crash when editing the profile


never needed so much your help. If you have knowledge on Java and want to contribute for fixing current bugs, you can contribute with PR. Thank you.

If you encounter crashes with , go in settings -> Compose -> disable emoji one support.

If you find bugs with the latest release, please open an issue on :

This is the best way to get them fixed in the next release. Though I read all your messages, I do need an easy way to keep track of them.

Thanks for your understanding. Have a nice weekend!

Emoji one support will be disabled by default in the next release because they are one reason that slows down the timeline scroll. You can already disable them in settings under the compose tab.

2.32.0 has been published.

What's new:

- Announcements with reactions for Mastodon
- Reactions in posts for
- Fix the missing custom emoji picker.
- Some improvements when scrolling.

To beta testers.

I published a release that supports announcements and you can react with emoji and custom emoji.
Also, the content supports custom emoji, mentions and tags (clickable).
I will quickly extend reactions for posts.

I am working on announcements for Mastodon. They should be available in the next release.

2.31.0 is available on Google Play.

This release fixes the scrolling issue and the bug with videos.

Release notes:

I will fix the color issue for Android 10 now and I should release a version soon (with the fix too).

The bug that makes scrolling timelines really slow and not smooth has been identified. The fix will be in the next release.

Did you know that you can long press links with ?
You will be able to display the full URL and even check redirects before opening it.

I think I will work on a new layout for displaying toots.
I will only keep at the bottom the fav, boost, translate and three vertical dots icons (with no numbers).
Media will be displayed in a gallery (horizontal scroll) that will allow software allowing more than 4 media to display them.
It will be based on the compact mode. More suggestions are welcome.

I published 2.30.0.

What's new :

- Català language
- Push notifications for Friendica & GNU Social
- Add follow/unfollow buttons for
- View your own story on Pixelfed (need to wait the endpoint)
- Increase max bio chars to 500 for

- Proxy not applied with embedded videos
- Fix "no toots" that remains displayed on timelines
- Avoid to lose composed message when not sent
- Notifications not pushed
- Fix some crashes

If your timeline doesn't work on , you might want to use another instance listed here:

Currently, (used by default) is down.

I published 2.29.1 that brings some fixes:

- Mentions with delete & re-draft for Pleroma accounts
- Nitter timelines with the pull-down for refresh
- Remove notification bar for Android 8-
- Fix "No Internet connection" error on some instances when posting
- Improvements with the talkback.

It's already available on the Playstore

⚠️ Some users might experience crashes at start since the last update.

The fastest way is to reinstall the app.

It's due to a database migration issue that impacts some older releases to the latest one. Sorry for that.

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