I am fixing your bug reports (framagit.org/tom79/fedilab/-/i)

Release notes for the next version of


Also, I didn't mention the new way to watch media, especially embedded videos (YouTube or front-ends, etc.)

Keep reporting your issues. Thank you 👍

If you want to help translating in your language, your help is really precious


Thank you!

What's new on the the next release of ?

- crash fixes (there are very few ones, that's the goal of 2.35.x),
- Allow to select content description for copy/paste,
- Remove extra space at the bottom of some toots,
- Content description limit extended to 1500 chars,
- More details about accounts in notifications,
- Some issues with custom emojis.

I am still working for improving the media viewer.

I would like to publish this release in few days.

Twitter launched voice messages. You can already do that since a while with on .

Do you think that working on the media viewer is necessary?
If yes, could you point out main issues or improvements that you would like to see?

I published a small release for (2.35.8).

- Issue with not clickable URLs
- Custom emoji in polls not displayed
- A bug with the auto-split toots feature
- Some other crashes

Thanks for reporting them.

2.35.6 is available on and 2.35.7 should follow quickly.

1.12.0 (full and lite) is also available

To Google Play users, don't download 2.35.5, there is an issue when composing: question marks are added.

I published 2.35.6 that fixes this bug. It should be available in one or two hours.

I removed the tag, so users won't be concerned.

Mastodon E2EE¹ with (for private messages)?

[1] - en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/End-to

If I often boost at 2:30am (GTM+2) while I am sleeping, that's because I scheduled my boosts with .
That helps to reach people in another timezone.

If you use the default display mode, you might have noticed that strange button in each message. It's a shortcut for in-app features:

- Bookmark the message (synced and available offline),
- Translation (with obfuscation for sensitive content, you can define your translation engine in settings),
- Timed mute the account,
- Schedule a boost,
- Mention the message.

To users, what are for you the most lacking features? I will implement them if it's possible. Thanks for contributing.

Maybe you already know that feature, but as a reminder, don't forget to long press buttons (fav, boost, follow, compose, reply, etc...) that will allow you to finish the action with another account without switching.

If you want to have less options on the main menu, it's in your hands. Just turn them off in settings

The release candidate of 2.2.0 is available github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube

If you use with Peetube I would like your feedback for improvements.

What display mode do you use with ?

2.35.4 is available on Google Play.

What's new:

- 100 Mb of cache for videos (can be changed in settings)
- Bibliogram support (default: disabled)
- Ouiches support for audio (French)

Full release notes at framagit.org/tom79/fedilab/-/t

If you're a moderator on your instance. You might be interested by the moderation feature with .
You will have to follow steps for creating a new token that supports the admin scope.

By default, decreases video and picture sizes before submitting them.
That allows to submit larger videos/pictures without dealing with limits. You can disable that behavior in settings

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