From 01/17 to Β 01/24 will be fully free on the Playstore.

The idea is to attract some people to the Fediverse. During this time, don't forget that you can invite people by using the app. There is an easy step by step to create an account with it.

When replying to an account you might have noticed that message :

"The account you're replying might not see your message".

This message is displayed when the account moved to another account or is blocking your account.

Now, that 2.28.2 is used for days/weeks, I have enough feedback to fix bugs.
I will bring Pixelfred 😏 stories in 2.29.0

If you get crashes with 2.28.1, you can update the app to 2.28.2 that is available on

Did you know that you can long press the "fetch more toots" button? It will fetch all missing messages automatically at once.

2.28.1 might crash on your device when scrolling your timelines. This is due to the update of a library.
I published 2.28.2 that fixes this issue.

Don't forget that you can fully customize with the theme feature.


Download for themes:

You can still submit yours, and we will add them.

Also there is the compact mode that gives more space for messages.

You might have a lot of tabs and it becomes hard to scroll horizontally.
In that case, you might want to enable the feature for displaying them in a list.

If you want to write messages with more than 500 characters and your instance doesn't allow it, there is a feature on for that.

Your message will be split in replies and mentions will be automatically added in each reply.

A good resolution for 2020? Switching to the Fediverse πŸ‘Œ

Twitter => /#Pleroma

Instagram =>

Facebook =>

YouTube =>

Good news, you can use all of these softwares with .

My good resolution, be a better CM :)

PS: don't forget to have a look to

To new users. If you have several accounts, you can simply long press buttons (boost, fav, follow, reply, etc.) to finish the action with another account without switching.

2.28.1 is available on . It should definitely fix the crash issues when notifications are turned off. Also, it supports follow requests (authorize/reject) for .

To users, if you get issues with , you will have to logout/login again to renew your token.

It seems there is an issue on my end for refreshing the token. I will investigate.

Did you know that the small software label on profiles is clickable?
It will allow you to get information about the instance and also to know who is the admin of that instance.

It seems the next release of will support cross-account actions for thanks to the help of its devs πŸ‘

I just need to fix an issue with mentions, but I can already interact with followed instances.

Metadata of on have been updated directly to 2.28.0
Once published the full release notes will be 2.27.1 + 2.28.0

2.28.0 has been released πŸŽ‰

- This release supports identity proofs by displaying a clickable badge on profiles.
- Follow requests in notifications are also supported.

All release notes:

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