2.27.0 is available on .

⚠️ This version introduces a regression and you should not use it if you disabled live notifications on Android O+ devices.

If you are concerned, please wait the release 2.27.1 that will come really soon (with the ability to follow Twitter accounts through ).

Release notes: framagit.org/tom79/fedilab/-/r

@ScottMortimer with what version? There was a bug with 2.27.0 I published the fix in 2.27.1

We added a validation before joining the project. But @ButterflyOfFire that manages the project is really fast for answering :)

Translations for Fedilab are processed by Crowdin. If you want to contribute, it's here:
Thanks :)

I forgot to mention it, I released 2.27.1 in prod this morning. It should be available soon with


@a1batross @proxeus @tija
They are clever though, they suggest to use their new way to decrease app sizes with their new bundle feature. They put a red warning each time I publish a release. It could be nice, but for that, I need to share my private key with them... So, it's over :)

@a1batross @tija
I stopped to take care of that fake ranking :)

@proxeus Google can't add their stuffs as I refuse to give them my key. And there is no tracking libraries or gapps inside.
You can check the code source, it works with a flavor that only adds a "rate the app" pop-pup :)

Yes, I didn't succeed to apply custom colors for these lines for Android 4 :(

If you set a custom instance for Nitter in settings, the app will use this one for creating timelines.

I published 2.27.1 in dev.

What's new:
- Follow Twitter accounts (via )
- Fix recent bug reports.

@wolfie that means your admin didn't enable mobile support.

Yes, it also supports custom features from Pleroma.

I have planned some improvements with Fedilab.

- I will replace the discover users feature (currently done via the Trunk API) with the profile discovery.

- History! I am on it.

- Huge improvements planned. Even the cross-account actions.
- Its custom layout/actions like for Peertube or Pixelfed.

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