Quick reply doesn't allow to upload media. Just click on the bottom left button to have full functionalities.

I am fixing your bug reports (

Release notes for the next version of

Also, I didn't mention the new way to watch media, especially embedded videos (YouTube or front-ends, etc.)

Keep reporting your issues. Thank you 👍

If you asked to always display sensitive media, it's done to tell you it was a sensitive one.

@rgggn OK. Il faut que j'ajoute cette option dans le filtrage.

@lezebre @rgggn
PS, il faut d'abord suivre l'instance et ensuite faire ce que j'ai décrit.
Ça ne passe pas par les timelines de type tag

Il faut faire un clic long sur l'onglet et ajouter le tag. Ensuite il suffit de cocher le filtre.

Because translations are done when requesting them. It's like when opening a link.
It doesn't embed black boxes.
I built a library that obfuscate sensitive data before submitting the text to translation API.


@Snow @alex @realcaseyrollins

Thanks for your investigations. That really helps 👍

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Hi Fediverse 👋

a short newsletter of our project:

- We added #LibreSpeed for speed tests:

- We added an entry for #OpensourceBuilders:

- We started thinking about translations:

- We discuss entries for developers:

- Thanks to "n" for preparing a list of #WeTransfer alternatives:

- Our list to replace #Audible is online:

- We wish you a nice day 🌻

If you want to help translating in your language, your help is really precious

Thank you!

What's new on the the next release of ?

- crash fixes (there are very few ones, that's the goal of 2.35.x),
- Allow to select content description for copy/paste,
- Remove extra space at the bottom of some toots,
- Content description limit extended to 1500 chars,
- More details about accounts in notifications,
- Some issues with custom emojis.

I am still working for improving the media viewer.

I would like to publish this release in few days.

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What release of do you use?

What's that :

- Full:

- Lite :

What release of do you use?

What's that :

- Full:

- Lite :

Twitter launched voice messages. You can already do that since a while with on .

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For videos, you can reduce it in settings (zero disabled), also you can ask the app to remove the whole cache when leaving. For sure, what I am talking about will have an entry in settings to disable it.

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