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Free-software services from the CHATONS collective, to decentralize and discover a web on a human scale, united and respectful of your privacy.


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MOSS launches COVID-19 Solutions Fund – The Mozilla Blog

Mozilla is announcing today the creation of a COVID-19 Solutions Fund as part of the Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS).


OK. Ça sent le bug à s'arracher les cheveux. Tu as quelle version d'android ? Je vais faire des tests de mon côté. J'ai effectivement changé deux trois trucs qui permettent d'accélérer l'app.

Tu as essayé de vider le cache ? Je n'ai aucun souci avec le tien.

I will add more supported formats for files when scheduling your posts with plan.fedilab.app/
If you know missing ones, just let me know here. Thanks.

I forgot to mention it, but I fixed empty mails when sending bug reports via the Acra library.
That said, do you know an alternative to Acra?
I tried tracedeoid github.com/ligi/tracedroid but I didn't succeed to get same results.

A new theme has been added at fedilab.app/themes/

"Mondstern Fedilab" thanks to @mondstern

Now, 12 custom themes are available.

If you didn't know the custom themes feature, you can have a look here:


That's not so easy. Some people can write long post without dots.

I published 1.6.0

What's new:

- Unshorten support: ow.ly, bl.ink (Think to allow the app for opening them)
- Remove tracking parameters after unshortening URLs

- Fix transparent background when dismissing

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Sorry for the delay. I published the new release 2.33.0 with fixes.

- Allow to edit searches

- Move the favourite item in menu

- Filters not working
- Crash when sharing http URLs
- Missing ogg image when sharing
- Extra space with quick replies
- Crash when doing searches
- Fix a crash when clicking on conversations
- Fix a crash when editing the profile


Les filtres sont corrigés, ça sera dans la prochaine version. @freetux

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