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I published 2.26.0-beta-1 in the beta channel.
This release avoids to reload tabs, so it should be faster and decrease data consumption.

I am not really giving up with Twitter but I want to work exclusively with Nitter (

My idea would be to let you pin a column (with several Twitter names ) and the timeline will display their messages:

Example with my account, Peertube and Mastodon accounts (mixed in a same timeline):,joinpee

I would add a way to let you share that messages on the Fediverse.

To users having crashes with the app. I published a fix. I don't clearly understand why some instances are forcing to hide following for your account and the api returns a null value. It's fixed in 2.25.2.
It should be available in few hours on Google Play, and in few days on Fdroid.

The release also supports translations with Systran and fixes emoji completion for some instances.

Release 2.25.2

I am sorry. I introduced Twitter on the previous poll.
I didn't expect to see such results, that's why I restarted the poll to respect the previous one

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What next api Fedilab should support?

New light theme "Moe" from @Lazercruizer 👍
I will introduce soon a feature to display previews and get them inside the app with all credits.

I am testing Systran for translating toots, could you reply with your mother tongue (other than English and French) for an experiment? Thanks.

If there were a feature to publish some messages flagged to be deleted after a delay. Would you use it?

The app will now support Systran API for translations.

I updated the lib used in Fedilab for translations. Now it supports Systran:

Obfuscation for sensitive data are still turned on (mentions, tags, links, email.). You can create a free api key, I will let the ability to set it in the app.

More about the lib:

And two new themes on

"Less Angry Orange" from @angrytux

"Sasquatch Socks" from @Oz

Thanks for sharing them 👍

In the next release, I will work on translations with Systran:

For what I read, the api is free for small amount of data. So, by letting you the ability to put your own key, it should be OK.

It's based on the open source neural machine translation from opennmt

I will update the lib used in Fedilab

2.25.1 is available on Google Play, it should be available soon on

Release notes:

First fixes for :

- Follow notifications
- Quick replies

I need to check some elements with mentions. If you noticed some other bugs, please tell me. Thanks.

OK. No need to go further on that point. Especially thanks to your feedback. I will let Fedilab for Fediverse softwares.

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In the coming release, polls allowing multiple choices will look like that. Open the link below for the current result with .

Hi. I would like to improve the Friendica support with Fedilab.
I planned to open an issue by needed endpoints (and prioritize them).
Also, I might miss some specific features, so if you can help me to target them too. Thanks.

I would need to collect as much as possible your feedback concerning slowness with
My first guess was about Ipv6 issues, but I might be wrong. Thanks for sharing.

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