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In 2019 approximately €160k were donated to 652 creators through Liberapay. We hope to do even better in 2020 and we wish you all a #HappyNewYear!

A good resolution for 2020? Switching to the Fediverse 👌

Twitter => /#Pleroma

Instagram =>

Facebook =>

YouTube =>

Good news, you can use all of these softwares with .

My good resolution, be a better CM :)

PS: don't forget to have a look to

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Anyone want to do a little #Wikipedia editathon for the #fediverse? Most of the articles are either very out of date, have incorrect information, or need clarification etc. I just added some stuff to the Spanish /fediverso page, but it could really use some work. :fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

To new users. If you have several accounts, you can simply long press buttons (boost, fav, follow, reply, etc.) to finish the action with another account without switching.

I still did not add the ability to follow Fediverse instances with . I need to work on the last step with mentions. Though most cross-account actions work perfectly (only replies will fail).
But if you have a Mastodon or Pleroma account you will be able to interact with your followed instances via your friendica account.

If you want to schedule your messages on the web (Mastodon and Pleroma), don't forget that you can use

I fixed the counter issue few days ago.

The source code is here

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@fedilab would it perhaps be an idea to change the current 'Add to list' interface with something that can be used to add and remove an account from multiple lists?

e.g., something with checkboxes that reflects their current status:

"Manage lists user@instance.example is on:
[x] FOSS Devs
[ ] Close Friends
[ ] Family
[x] Cat Posters


If you tested Nitter with Fedilab, what is for you the most important updates?

2.28.1 is available on . It should definitely fix the crash issues when notifications are turned off. Also, it supports follow requests (authorize/reject) for .

Thank you for your donations to the app 🙏.
Your daily kind words, encouraging messages and feedback are really helpful to keep working on Fedilab. I am really grateful for your help to make the app better.
I wish you a very happy festive season!

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Hi Fediverse 👋

as a little christmas present, let me tell you that we successfully migrated all content to the new beta version of the website 🎁

Feel free to have a look around and leave some feedback, thoughts and ideas 💬

Next steps will be to improve the start page and thinking about where to host the new site. 🆕

Furthermore, we wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas. Have a peaceful time🎄


The bug with notifications disabled (crashes) was partially solved. Some devices were still affected by that issue. It's fixed in 2.28.1.

I also added follow requests support (authorize/reject) for and it fixes the issue with not cropped media in timelines.

It should be available in few hours on GP and soon on Fdroid.

To users, if you get issues with , you will have to logout/login again to renew your token.

It seems there is an issue on my end for refreshing the token. I will investigate.

Did you know that the small software label on profiles is clickable?
It will allow you to get information about the instance and also to know who is the admin of that instance.

Follow requests authorize/reject are now available for

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