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- Tired of being mentioned on a conversation?
=> Mute conversation

- Fed up with too much boosts from an account?
=> Mute boosts for this account

- Bothered of an account publishing too much at a moment?
=> Timed mute (Fedilab only)

- Don't display some toots?
=> Regex filter (Fedilab) or synced filters

I never noticed that badge "Top author" on @gdroid
That's useful for grouping apps published by a same author on .

Wow. I just met the bug when you wrote a long toot and the submit button remains disabled for a long time. I was hoping my toot was sent when the app told me everything was OK but it was not.... I hate Fedilab in such cases.
Just going to fix that asap.

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@fedilab Maintainer of here. If you encounter any trouble with our #Nitter instance or need any information, feel free to poke me or @42l :)

You will need to define a custom instance for Nitter as the default one is still down.

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If your timeline doesn't work on , you might want to use another instance listed here:

Currently, (used by default) is down.

I published 2.29.1 that brings some fixes:

- Mentions with delete & re-draft for Pleroma accounts
- Nitter timelines with the pull-down for refresh
- Remove notification bar for Android 8-
- Fix "No Internet connection" error on some instances when posting
- Improvements with the talkback.

It's already available on the Playstore

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Fediverse Spotlight #3 is finally out, I apologize for the delay. This issue is on FediLab, an all-in-one mobile client for the fediverse.

The app was successfully built. It should be in the next update of

The next release is already tagged.

I just released 1.1.0 on

What's new:

- Google Maps links redirected to OpenStreetMap links
- Redirects can be disabled per service (Nitter, Invidious, OSM)

I just renewed the certificate for Thanks to @deltadelta for warning me.

I received a text message with a Google maps link. So, I added an option in that transforms them into links

I fixed the bug with the delete and re-draft when Pleroma accounts are mentioned.

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