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Did you know that you can write messages with more characters that your instance allows it with ?
Just enable the option in settings, the app will automatically split your long message in a thread.

Did you know that has a privacy tab in its settings? Don't hesitate to turn on some of them. Also update the tracking database if you use the built-in browser (default browser). You will say goodbye to tracking scripts and ads when visiting websites.

Curious, what do you think about recent news concerning ?

To users, would you like to be able to hide emoji reactions?

Finally already available on Google Play, that was fast.

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And it's released! It should be available very soon on Google Play, and in few days for

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Initially, I really thought that 2.35.3 would be a small fix release. But here are current fixes:

- An issue with animated avatars in menu
- An issue with avatars in accounts list
- An issue with instance
- An issue with sensitive media when there is already a card preview
- Crashes with polls on some instances
- Crashes with Pixelfed
- Some other issues.

Thanks for your reports.

I will release tomorrow a small update for (2.35.3).
The idea is to fix all remaining issues before going further.

Did you know that you can long press every links with to get a contextual menu? That will help you to know the full URL, to check if it redirects and much more.

If you don't use Fedilab, just install on to remove tracking parameters. The app will also redirect YouTube, Twitter and Instagram links to their most respectful front-ends , and .

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馃摫馃樂馃摫 In the last weeks, we have witnessed an increase of tracking applications linked to the COVID-19 on the Google Play Store. We wanted to share some informations about them to you :

I often read that is a paid app. Yes, on Google Play. But you can still get it fully for free on
F-Droid will allow you to discover so many useful apps that do respect your privacy. Give it a try.

I took a moment to fix the last issue that impacted several devices.
Few releases ago, I removed a self-made patch for the webview component. So I put it back.
Everything should now work properly with 2.35.2 which is already available on Google Play.

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I received a notification saying it's available. Let me know if it fixes your issues. I worked quickly on most critical ones.
BTW, thanks for your messages.

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Due to personal problems, I can't work like I was used to do with Fedilab.
I published an emergency fix for all recent problems. The fix should come in the afternoon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I published 1.9.0-beta-1 that works with all urls.
It's a beta release which also fixes last issues.


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