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What version do you use?

I think I will offer a feature to disable syncing notes. Maybe some people might prefer to keep account notes on their device only. Especially it's possible to backup/forward data with

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So mastodon 3.2 (rc) introduces personal notes for accounts.
already has this feature and I will need to work for syncing your current notes with your instances.

Do you find 2.36.2 more stable?

Fedilab Lite will be back on by using flavors. That means each time a new release of will be available, a new release of Fedilab lite will also be published.

Fedilab ~ 30 Mb
Lite ~ 13 Mb

Settings in Fedilab lite are a single page and all privacy features are turned on.

It's currently in French and it targets dedicated instances. But if you think that it deserves an app for all instances I can extend the code :) let me know

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To be clearer on what I suggest. I already built an app based on Fedilab code for Peertube only. This is completely different, you can watch videos without being authenticated.
If you are authenticated, many dedicated features are available (comments, thumbs-up/down, upload, edit videos, play lists, notifications, etc.)
More :

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Would you like a dedicated app for ?

Should the trends feature be in Fedilab lite 🤔?

The way to follow a conversation with

I re-enabled my Patreon page. I improved the description of projects that I am working on. Another way to support and my other projects. Thank you!

I received new bug reports concerning crashes when adding media (Mastodon/Pixelfed). I missed a piece of code that was also impacted. I published 2.36.2 that should be available really soon.
Sorry for that and thank you for warning me

2.36.0 is available on Google Play and should be available soon on .

This version also fixes crashes on some instances after uploading a media.

The full release notes:

Thank you for all your bug reports, I postponed improvements for the next release.

I fixed the issue impacting some instances when adding media (crashes). I will have to merge the beta branch in prod and make an emergency update. Sorry for that.

It's live on Google Play, I am waiting feedback of beta testers. Thanks 👍

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I released 2.36.0-beta-1. What's new:

- Select text for media description
- Increase media description length to 1500 chars
- More details about accounts in notifications
- Media management in timelines
- Allow cross-account replies with followed instances
- Remove extra spaces at the bottom of messages
- Scheduled toots from server side have an incorrect date
- Incorrect feeds when checking instance admin account [...]

Full release notes:

I am fixing your bug reports (

Release notes for the next version of

Also, I didn't mention the new way to watch media, especially embedded videos (YouTube or front-ends, etc.)

Keep reporting your issues. Thank you 👍

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Hi Fediverse 👋

a short newsletter of our project:

- We added #LibreSpeed for speed tests:

- We added an entry for #OpensourceBuilders:

- We started thinking about translations:

- We discuss entries for developers:

- Thanks to "n" for preparing a list of #WeTransfer alternatives:

- Our list to replace #Audible is online:

- We wish you a nice day 🌻

If you want to help translating in your language, your help is really precious

Thank you!

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