i am one of the four team member of the opentracks app since 20 april 2020 😍

2 35.3 kam an. juhu die avatare sind wieder sichtbar @fedilab


i helping now @exodus

to translate on
and what are you doing right now?


do you translate only in weblate or also on other portals?



something weird happened to me. people rang the doorbell. i went and they gave me a big MERCI chocolate bar. i didn't even know them. i asked them how i came to this honour. they said: "we heard that you are translating so many open source projects. we are so happy about that and wanted to show you this".



question: could you start with my bug report sent by email?

10:07 pm and I'm hungry.
2 o'clock wake up
4 o'clock drive to work.
I forgot to go to crowdin today.
at @fedilab nitterizeme i can still translate
then I can sleep good. Three more hours if I'm good.

i need your help for

i am about to change my email address
i have been able to put them in commit email and public email, but not in email, there is still my old email address.
i can only log in with my old email address.
and in settings emails the old email address is listed as primary email and only the new email address can be deleted.
but i would like to delete the old email.

or i have to create a new account and delete the old one

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