I will publish some fixes for the app, there are some strings to translate at weblate.framasoft.org/projects so I am postponing the publication.

This release should fix an issue when clearing cache and also it will support to open dedicated links with other apps.

I upgraded the upload library and after uploading a video I got 413 errors. With exactly the same payload 🤔
I wonder what can throw this error... Unfortunately I don't have more info with server side currently.

Just about curiosity, did you start teleworking with your job since the pandemy?

Wow. WhatsApp is such a leak. Sorry, I might discover that.
A close person got a new number, my first though: "check WhatsApp and be sure your phone number is not recorded".
It was with a 2FA. I contacted support and let me know that one week after my query, I will be able to delete the phone number.
What they didn't tell me, I got the full control of the precious account...
I deleted it and removed WhatsApp (initial purpose).
So think to that before moving your phone number :)

I am introducing a "Surfing" mode with .
Once connected, you might want to switch to another instance. This mode will allow to record locally in dB you preferred instances to switch in one click.
It's an intermediate mode between logout and login one.
Top menu options will be adapted with a way to quickly go back to yours logged in accounts.
This mode, will be more powerful when I will start to add in-app features.

Google seems suspicious¹ on the new release of TubeLab. That's quite abnormally long. (date in utc+2)

[1] Automatic check by a bot surely failed.

I got so much issues since I migrated to github. OK, they are from a same person but that is not me). I prioritised most important ones.

Thanks to all these bug/suggestion reports, the app is even better.

There are so much changes that I released the Tubelab release in the beta channel.

I think I am ready for a new release of Tubelab :)

- Push notifications with the ability to filter them
- Add support for Torrent URLs
- Double tap video to seek by steps of 10s
- Automatically adapt full-screen in portrait or landscape
- Incognito: Enable/disable reccords in history
- Video suggestions
- Playback when screen is off (default: disabled).
- Enable to end playing with top back button
- Fix FP message with token
- Share the page on Peertube and not the video file...

I received my first notification on Tubelab telling me a new video was available from an account that I am following. Clicking on it directly played the video :)

I will finish the full management of notifications (app/mail) with the ability to get device notifications (grouped - with the ability to manage refresh time) and I will publish 1.6.0

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A question to people hosting fediverse softwares.
Do you succeed somehow to cover a part of your server costs?
What's for you the best way? Do you know articles/threads presenting some feedback?

How do I will get back on Fedilab? 

After spending a lot of time for Tubelab, it's now time to get back on Fedilab.
My first problem is to track the issue when visiting profiles that can make the app freeze.
The next release will embed the lite version. That means, when releasing a new version, the lite version will be automatically updated.
I will go by steps, being focused on most annoying bugs.


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