2.39.0 has been published (PlayStore & )

What's new:

- Use a new API for (fix 2FA issue)
- Push notifications with UnifiedPush (More at
- Support and Wikiless
- Delayed and live notifications removed
- Remove lost space for Pleroma accounts
- Fix a crash with console mode
- Fix an issue with Pleroma accounts when visiting a profile
- Some other bug fixes.

We are working to add more features for Pixelfed.


Yeahh, content de revoir des mises à jour pour #Fédilab qui fonctionne toujours très bien ^^

Merci 🙏

Does Fedilab updates will be pushed to the F-Droid repo ? I'm maybe not used to consulting Gitlab, so i'm not sure if i know where to search for compiled versions other than there.

@rumo @poorpocketsmcnewhold
Oh yes, I forgot to push it on our repo. I will do that today.

I thought, if it's your repo, than it appears immediately and need no approval & verification by FDroid...

@rumo You're right. There's no need of an approval for our own repo. We just haven't updated it yet :)
Will do it today. Sorry about the delay

@apps @rumo Ah, so 2.37.1 is still the latest on your own repo as well? That might explain why I've been having trouble finding an update anywhere. 😀

No. Latest was 2.38rc Beta.
Since the evening there ist the Version 2.39 available in the fedilab-repo.


Try to delete the repo in your FDroid and then take the one that Tom shared in the matrix room.


@apps Is Gotify/Push mandatory by now, or just another option to receive updates?

@apps So if I update, I have to install another app to get notifications?! #Fedilab is gigantic as it is, so I'll probably stick with the old version, timeline gaps and all...

Only for F-Droid releases. And let's hope many other apps will use unifiedpush.

Also you can switch to 15 minutes refresh if you don't want to install gotify for push notifications.

@apps Can I adjust the time of the 15minute refresh to longer to save battery?

Currently you can't. But you can turn off notifications.

I have gotify 2.2.0 installed and connected, the logs are showing success. But the new fedilab still says that no application can be found. What could be wrong ?

Oh, good point. Of course it was the wrong one. Its working now, thanks for supporting me on this. push notifications? huge.

only thing missing from fedilab is good misskey support imo - once that's done nothing can stop fedilab!

keep up the good work

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