We are working on a new fedilab version. The whole code is being refractored.
App will work offline, so you can go through the past toots in your home timeline even when you don't have internet.
Our plan is to make the UI more clean and simple, while somehow keeping the existing features.
Also, the app will work smoothly.
Still lot of work to do. We'll share more updates with you. Let us know your thoughts

Our goal for offline mode is also to record actions (fav, boost, reply, etc.) to put them in a stack. When network will be available they will be processed (taking care of throttle - error 429).
Currently, all the process with pagination is working fine.

Sure. It's also in our guideline for this new version.

Will you also consider colors / contrast between colors for color blind people / people with bad eyesight? (The contrast in your screenshot may not be sufficient.)


App working offline is one of the best improvement you could ever make !
Congrats !

@apps that's awesome. It's definitly a killer feature when so many social app require 24/7 connectivity to just work. 👍

@apps do you plan a feature with a checkbox "only sync when wifi is available" so you don't have to manually go online/offline to make sure the app doesn't consume mobile bandwidth?

It's a condition that can be easily added once the stack for actions will be ready.

Why a bottom menu? It didn't work with Twitter and Facebook doing it either - it's horrible ui!

That's maybe something we can let users to set (with or without bottom menu).

@dheadshot @apps I prefer the bottom, easier to reach vs stretching a thumb to the top of the screen.

And I'm missing Fedilab on my Pinephone with Mobian ...

Offline mode sounds cool and will make an already great app even better!

@apps Sounds very cool, but also like a lot of work. Maybe you want to make two releases out of that, i.e. the UI rework in one version and offline mode in the next version (or vice versa)...?

Would allow you to see the fruits of your work earlier and get it out quicker so people can test it.
Of course, the downside is that you have to restrict yourself and not work on whichever you find more interesting in the moment.

Just a suggestion. Do whatever works best for you. :)

I'm glad you decided to focus on improving the UI now, I feel like that's where it really could be improved right now. Designing a good UI is tricky, especially considering the customizability and options available on fedilab.

One suggestion: currently the settings to disable notifications about boosts/fav and the setting to disable showing fav/boost counts, etc are spread all around. It'd be nice to put this under a section called anti-addiction features or something.

Cheers 👍

@apps wish there was an iOS version. I love FediLab on my android.

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