Should we keep the ability to create art timelines with ?

Yes, we don't know how it is used and if we have to work on it.

@apps it's a nice feature for artists, please do keep it.

OK, thanks for your feedback. We really don't know if people use it and know how to create them.
If it's used we can make things easier to create them.

@apps wait. I didn't have to even create it, it's just there already.

you have to use old fedora and upgrade to newfedilab with new thing.

Absolutely, it’s a great feature, but it would be even better if it was customizable, for example with the choice or filtering by hashtags

for non English speakers. you have to create yes and no. so when person run it. and start test and he say week I don't like this, he can disable it.

For me there is only two reason to prefer @apps over @Tusky .
This feature and @unifiedpush support.

I hope @apps become a better and clearer UI like @Tusky it have.

So that's why all posts in my cyberpunk hashtag are like that? If it can disabled in the config, sure, keep it.

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