New beta of for starting the week (v9):

- Fix crashes with long press
- Emoji one support
- Spell checking bug
- Use in-app notifications when posting
- Tap on push notifications opens the notification timeline.

And new localizations thanks to translators.

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Yes, first start only crashes when you have lists. It's not yet fixed.

Maybe it is a #FedilabBug .
Android 5.
In-app notifications & tapping work apparently a half percent:
- Android System vibrations and sounds keep on when posting or replying.
- Tapping push notifications leads me to time line, but doing that does not automatically close the notification bar.

The rest seem to be fixed.
Here I am to let you know.
Thanks for your good work!

OK. The notification with a progress bar is necessary for making the background service work.
This service is necessary especially when posting threads with different media.

Yes, what I mean is system sounds and vibration with that seems not to be normal compared to other apps, is it?

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