New beta version for (v11).

- Fix color issue with polls
- Fix color issue with actions on messages (boost, fav, etc.)
- Buttons not always visible when replying to a long thread
- Cache mixed between accounts.
- Device vibrates due to device notification when composing a single message.

- Aggregate notifications


@beandev @apps Needs options for font size and line spacing. Option for larger user avatars in timeline. And scrolling is pretty jerky in this release.

Maybe due to the slug reset for cache. It should be fixed after visiting your timelines.

What a great job. Aggregation works incredibly well and saves a lot of space. In the example, the post would otherwise be in the notifications 5 times. Now only two aggregated notifications!

And that's just one example from my notification timeline.

Thank you!

What's aggregation speaking of notifications, please?

Hello, @apps .
My congratulations for device vibrations fixing when composing.
Hope that fix don't interfere other devices.
The rest of the app is stable so far.

But if you post a media, it will vibrate because, it can take time so it still uses a background service with a device notification. We cannot do better without side effects.

Yes, I've already noticed it. The question is why it happens in this new version and not in the previous one...?

I can confirm that reply in long threads is now working!

For me, beta v11 has reached the point where it can be used productively. It is unbelievable in what a short time this has been achieved. Thank you for this huge step to the new Fedilab version.

Good day!
Proxy (Tor) is enabled - no touts.
No homepage.


Was mir schmerzlich auffällt ist die kleiner Schrift. Ich habe auch keine Option gefunden, diese zu vergrößern. Wird es da vielleicht eine Möglichkeit geben, die zu vergrößern?

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