New beta release for (v21):

This release should avoid jumps in timelines, it automatically deals between cache & server for fetching messages.

Please report issues on our repo at:

There are some fixes listed here:

Timeline looks now very good. No duplicates. No repeating sequences of messages. I tried a lot force refreshs and restarts. Looks promising.

I'll check the order and consistency of messages with a mix of auto-refresh and force refresh. But for this test I need to wait some hours (to have more than 40 new messages in my home timeline). So tomorrow I know more 🙂

Thank you, we know how much you contribute for fixing bugs. Your help is deeply appreciated.

@Piky_Nieves @apps
Same for me. No "endless timeline" anymore, looks very stable to me atm.
I tested a lot with all the listviews I had that problem before. Home and remote timelines mainly. No problem until now whatsoever.
Needs to be tested a little longer, but at the moment: Yay! Looks verrry good! ☺

Please, @grischa
Have you experienced crashes in previous releases? How is this one compared to them, please?

@apps @beandev

Yes, I experienced a lot of crashes and put all of them to the codeberg page that is listed in the original post.
But this beta is too fresh to say something about app crashes.
But my imression is: It's getting better from beta to beta.
The crashes I was able to reproduce, were all fixed. :)
@apps @beandev

That sounds great!
One more thing, are you following (mean testing) the latest fedilab releases, for example the last one and compared them with this one?
I've had lots of crashes in the latest ones. Has it happened to you too?
Please, let me know.

To tell you the truth I've "jumped " two previous releases, because the same crashes were always there, Mastodon, right?
• Trying to make a thread with my own toots.
• Trying opening any toot picture.
• While Selecting emojis.

They are the most annoying ones I can remember so far.
Do you think it had to do with cashe and it's been steady fixed with this release ?

Please, install last release and enable crash reports that will help a lot.

It is really worth it in my opinion.
FediLap is a great app. Beta always means "work in progress", but bugs are fixed fast and it is fun to test it.
IMHO it is the best fediverse app for Android, I've tested. :)

@grischa I'm installing it right now.
Promise I'll let you know it's progress in my old android 5...😉 @apps

I already here. Don't know why I cannot login instance. However, I another instance is accepted.
It's kind of slow.
Probably my phone, probably my internet speed, probably the app...
On the other hand, I've had my first crash when opening the emojis window. I sent it to you.
I'll try not no longer, but I'll do it for some more mnts.
See you.

@JLuisNieves @apps
I had my second crash testing fedilab and I give up.
Sorry. It causes anxiety to me.
It's not your or my fault.
I try to help, but I am weak doing it.
Give me a chance for a month or something.
I'll keep following your releases, but I'll stay out of everything.
I hate to say that.
My best wishes!

Thanks, but activating crash reports and send it to us is the only way to see it fixed.

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