We published beta (21) on our repository.

Currently, we didn't add a feature to transfert accounts.

Oh, one thing I keep running into with the old one. Being able to reply with a similar visibility as the original post.

@apps I guess so. New one defaults to it?

Another thing the old app has is with splitting posts. It will try to split a message that's exactly on the limit. So sounds like an off-by-one error.

Now, you can compose your thread by clicking the "+" icon at the top right.

Ah, i guess that's not what I want? I'm not sure what you mean actually. I mean to select the same visibility setting as the original post. So whether it's for public timelines, followers or mentioned only for instance.

Not sure to understand. When replying it takes the visibility of the initial message.
Our account has a public visibility but replying to your message it keeps the unlisted visibility.

@apps ok, that's not true for the old app. But good to hear.

@apps Currently, connecting to #friendica works well but the app will then force-close with the next start and never start up again. Known issue...?
got the same problem - the only chance is to reboot the mobile

@zwovierzwo @z428 Could you enable crash reports in settings, as soon as you have access?

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