3.0.10 has been published in all stores:

- Allow to set the max chars count when not detected by the app.
- Add emoji one picker when composing (must be enabled in settings)
- Add release notes with the ability to translate them

- Friendica custom emojis not displayed
- Long press to store media
- Some bug fixes

😲 Emojis while composing in #FediLab! 🙌
Now, if there would be a button "back to keyboard" (aka close dialog) it would be perfect! 😋
Back button is not what I am used to when opening emojis. 😊
(okay I'm stopping emoji spaming for now.. 😁)

Hello !

New tiny bug for you.
When you start the app in landscape mode and then switch to portrait, the dialog windows keep the size they had in landscape mode.

I discovered this when boosting a toot. The validation button was outside the screen.

@wmd Fdroid takes longer for building apk. We have no control over it.

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