What features did you miss the most when you switched from 2 to 3?

You can also talk about improvements :)

The home, timeline, notification, etc buttons on the top. Idk what is that menu name.

- Local copy of statuses
- Long-press to download media
- Buttons at top of page
- Informing Android that new media was downloaded (mediascan)

Long press needs to be enabled in settings.
You should get a notification when you downloaded a media.


As for downloading media, any downloaded media can be opened through the notification, but not through the gallery or any other application. Clicking through the notification, and then clicking share, produces a toast that says "Unsupported file"

For each file, this fixes itself a few minutes after the file is downloaded. From the limited research I did, it looks like there is a separate call that tells Android to scan the specific file path for media.

Otherwise, it's necessary to wait the few minutes, or use an app like

@apps not sure if it has been fixed/added yet (3.2 is not available yet for me on F-Droid), but what I miss the most is inline links, such as the 'on F-Droid' one earlier, working properly. :)

I also miss a compact timeline option; at least I think I recall there being an option before that would spread the messages out over the entire width, rather than align it to the right of the posters' avatars.

Lacking media descriptions has been made a lot clearer though, which I like. :)

The split in top and bottom bar in theory is a nice one, but I'm not quite sure I will ever get used to it. :)

@apps oh, and best improvement probably is that pressing back won't go back to the timeline if you are several clicks deep into a thread, but instead goes back to the previously selected message in the thread. I love that I no longer risk losing track of where I was in a topic.

The Media tab on a user's profile used to allow one to swipe through all of the pics and vids full screen across all toots.

I miss that I can not arrange the timelines like I want anymore, because other instances timeliness are now separated.

I can't add account, because it results in error page of invalid login page after entering account details.

I miss the old layout/UI, especially for posts (notably the absence of left margin on the text, below the avatar of the person who posted, and the more legible CWs)

Otherwise, most things are nice in the new app ;)

I think we misunderdtood one another: I liked it when there was no left margin ;)
In 3.2 there is one.
And I just realized that a bug was introduced for visibility: hitting send converts post visibility back to public.

The little flair on new toots in the home screen

BTW I still have the timeline bug, where I need to scroll through already read toots each time. I thought it was an issue on my end, but I switched phone, Android version and even OS but the bug remains the same. It works on 2.39.0

Android 13, GrapheneOS, Pixel 6, Fedilab 3.2.0 via FDroid Repo

Fedilab should start at the position when you left the app. It also sends to the api, the id of the message that was focused.


Nice job on Fedilab 3, thank you

I miss:

- cross-account new toot botton

- export/import logged account

Also, you should suggest to disable battery optimization on Fedilab and ntfy for notifications to work on f-droid version, imho

Seeing the count of favorites, boosts and replies in the timelines without tapping on individual toots.

@futureisfoss @apps I always tap on a toot and wait like 1 sec for it to load, just to see the stats.

I just tried this out, and it works! 😀

One issue I noticed with it is that I can't see the relative time of a post, so instead of showing me this post was published 4h ago it shows me the exact date and time. Relative time is important for me so I hope this can be fixed. The post privacy indicator also moves to the bottom, and posts take up more vertical space, but these are small issues. Despite these little things here and there, it overall works pretty great 🙂

Speedy startup. On a oldish phone, with the new version it can take up to 30s to show the UI, even after switching to Firefox to read some content.

There is one feature that I personally found very useful in the old fedilab, I've made a git issue about it when fedilab 3 was still in its early days -

i really like the new layout especially the "thread lines" on the left!

missing the old media handling:
cycling through 3 zoom levels via double tapping.
seeing only the media under an users media tab.

some simple "go to top" button to skip to the top of the timeline.

@apps @dbx You can use the home button to reach the top

@apps Missing the things which are the only thing I use Fedilab for (so I’m still using the old version):

* ability to open links to Fediverse posts/accounts from other apps in Fedilab
* opening posts/accounts in a webbrowser inside Fedilab (so I can look at and load in missing posts without needing to have an external browser configured for that)

Art-/media timeline. Actually, a _real_ killer feature would be something like a "photo stream" that collects picture posts (not just media/drawings).
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