To testers, we published 3.2.1:

- Set all timelines at the top (default: disabled)
- Display timelines in a list (default: disabled) - See "Settings > Interface"

- Visibility issue when replying
- Some theme issues when composing

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@apps Just wondering - i still see 3.1 in F-Droid .. it's a hidden testing version, or it is issue on my side (F-Droid maybe?)


It's only available on our fdroid repo.

Release 3.2.0 should be available soon on Fdroid.

Hello, @apps .
Yesterday I sent this message to you.
⏩⏩⏩I think it's very important for you to read it:

Paragraphs starting with ">" got a left vertical line.

Is it what you mean?

Otherwise, you can mention a message by clicking on three dots at the bottom right of a post.

@apps for the quotes bro. I think that we are not on the same page.

The app will only support softwares using the Mastodon Api and extend it.
For others, the idea will be a dedicated app like we did for Peertube.


Nice you fixed the bug where the app would crash when viewing a remote timeline instance. 😍😍

Now I can peek again at 🥳

Display timelines in a list works well when all timelines are set at the top, but when its not then clicking on the list items brings me to other places like home, local and global timelines, notifications, direct messages, etc.

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